AuctionIQ (AIQ) provides the IQ necessary for technology-centric companies, (including Fortune 500 companies) to transform, improve business processes, better manage, accelerate deployment, optimize and permanently reduce the ongoing cost of technology and services. AIQ is a Global IT and Telecommunications consulting firm that delivers hard dollar savings by performing on-line reverse auctions; complex Global contract negotiations; and C-level assessments and consulting.


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HX had conflicting requirements including the need to fund its plan to triple the volume of information its business could handle, reduce the risk of outages and scale operations to fit demand. At the same time, it was crucial for GHX to concurrently reduce costs and increase EBITDA.... Read More

Be Like Larry: Be a Profit Star
y delivering $3.8M in permanent savings to his company, Larry Oeffinger received the moniker "Profit Star."

As he received the Award with his team and CEO looking on, Larry said, "When you are passionate, confident and have drive, people will sense it and begin to line up behind you. Take care of some low hanging fruit and the process to change the doubters into cheerleaders becomes easier. Results speak for themselves." ..... Read More

The Business Value of the CIO and IT

Be Like Larry: Be a Profit Star
ecently CIO Greg Valdez sat down with AuctionIQ’s CEO Brad Buxton as part of AIQ’s ongoing series on Executive Thought Leadership.  Greg Valdez has been among the most successful of AIQ’s clients. During Greg’s career he acted as CTO or CIO for at least three of AuctionIQ’s Fortune 500 clients.

Greg Valdez:  The next rewarding investments are going to be where product and customer come together: smarter marketing systems, big data, search, automated and interactive personal assistant (Siri/Watson evolved), end user computing everywhere, and video and social networks.  When you’re building these systems, you are putting services and products closer to the customer in the way the customer wants to see them and needs them. IT’s whole investment in E-commerce, social networks, big data, mobile computing, and self-service capabilities will continue to warrant more investment because of the payoff in productivity. ..... Read More

Maximizing Yield in IT Subscription Services: A Case Study

Maximizing Yield in IT Subscription Services: A Case Study
 large pharmaceutical company based in Europe conducted an RFP to procure global web conferencing for all of its 80,000 worldwide employees. The company received proposals from a number of service providers, but lacked the technical knowledge to fully analyze, compare, and understand the proposals. 

Because AIQ had worked with this company on a variety of telecommunications projects for over 25 years, they approached AIQ to perform the analysis of the proposals and provide them with the decision support information that they would need to make an award. Finding additional cost savings was not part of the scope of the engagement, and the client had no expectations that any savings would result. 

AIQ then analyzed the bids, and determined that they were not comparable offers. In addition, AIQfound that the original RFP had omitted certain important questions that are critical in supporting a firm award decision....Read More

The Meteoric Rise of IT Service Cost - Will it Eclipse Voice/Data/Wireless?

The Meteoric Rise of IT Service Cost
t seems like only yesterday when we used to debate when and if data would "pass" voice, in terms of which one companies spent more money on.  At the time it was inconceivable, but fun to speculate on. Data spend passed voice spend a long time ago, however, now it’s clear that wireless will pass data in the not-too-distant future.  There also appears to be another wave of rapidly growing expense: IT Subscription Services....Read More

How Suppliers Obscure Ways to Cut Cost...
ur clients must maintain competitive price advantage and consistent high shareholder yield returns. This creates a business imperative to continuously take out operational costs. Growth and investment in Telecommunications and IT services continue to outpace most other business expense categories because they produce the kinds of capabilities and efficiencies that businesses need to compete and profit.  These services represent two of the very largest expense categories a business incurs. 
In other expense categories, executives can typically visualize, manage, and track expenses quite readily.  Using established processes along with the expertise of their personnel progressively bends the cost curve down in order to gain greater efficiencies and continuous improvement.  However, in telecom, it’s not quite the same. ... Read More

Alternatives to Downsizing in a Poor Economy
- Or, Letting Suppliers Pay Some of Your Company’s Expense
Alternatives to Downsizing in a Poor Economy
utting expenses is not as exciting as increasing gross revenues, but it is more effective in improving the bottom line. If your company returns one dollar of profit for each ten dollars of revenue, you have to grow sales by $10 to gain $1 of profit. However, if you cut one dollar of expense, that one dollar is directly reflected as one more dollar of profit on your bottom line...
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A Passion for Profit: 
Improving Your Career by Delivering Remarkable Savings

A Passion for Profit; Improving Your Career by Delivering Remarkable Savings
ow do you go from being a useful employee to being indispensable? Somebody who does a good job for a
company is valued. They are part of the bricks and mortar of a company. But are they indispensable? The reason for the existence of most companies is to produce the maximum possible profit for their shareholders. At its most basic level, profit is, of course, revenue minus expense. Hence, the only ways to increase profit is to generate more revenue, or reduce expenses; either or both of which will improve profits...
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Illusory Agreements:
Agreements to Benchmark Costs

Illusory Agreements: Agreements to Benchmark Costs
arriers often offer a “technology upgrade” clause in their contracts as an inducement for companies to choose that carrier. 
The argument for the upgrade clause is that, at the end of each year during the long-term contract period, the carrier will offer to upgrade all or part of the customer’s service or equipment to the fastest circuits or the most modern equipment available.  Unfortunately, most technology upgrade clauses in contracts written by telecom carriers are of little or no value to the customer... Read More

Carrier Negotiating Tactics
here was a Twilight Zone science fiction story released in 1959 entitled “To Serve Man.  In it, aliens come to earth and begin to do all sorts of wonderful things for humanity--they end war, cure disease, advance technology, etc.  When asked why, they invariably say that they wish to serve man, and point to their handbook, which has that title.  As the story ends, a human linguist translates the handbook and finds that it is really a cookbook

The moral, of course, is that the obvious is not always the real.

So it is in negotiations with telecom carriers; if you do not understand how carriers behave and operate, they will eat your profits... Read More